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This blog started as a weekly Vino Session at the office. A wine blog based in Hong Kong meant for fun and self exploration in the vast world of wine, this serves as a record of all the grape juice passing our lips. Good wine, bad wine, box wine, unforgettable wine, we will drink it all.

Champagne for the Apocalypse


According to the Mayan Calendar, there might be possibly less than a week till the end of the world. Some of us might be thinking of the wondrous life they have had. Some might be dwelling about lost dreams and opportunities. Some, like me, must be raiding your wine stash right this moment.

For wine lovers, if material possessions no longer matter on 21 December 2012, it’s high time to fish out all the treasures that you have been clinging onto. This is a good time to purge your cellar, and finally consume the wines that you have been saving for too long. Maybe you are thinking of decanting a Bordeaux 1st Growth of a fabulous vintage? How about a bottle of prized Burgundy? For me, an answer for any situation, may it be celebrative, or extremely morbid (like waiting for the apocalypse), would be to always drink Champagne.

So, without any hesitation, I pulled out a bottle of Salon le Mesnil 1997 from my sad little collection. The anticipation had been long, for I had kept the bottle for almost 2 years (long for my standards). Lovingly, I looked at the bottle. Yes. Carpe diem; it’s now or never, maybe? Once the cork was freed, the elegant aroma of champagne immediately filled the small apartment.

The bubbles were restrained, intertwining with others a final dance of twinkling desperation to the surface. The wine was tart and toasty, a firm powerful wine that grew livelier with the luscious foam in ones mouth. The clear acidity lingered for what seemed an eternity, subsiding, leaving you with a wave of minerality and a large bundle of pleasure and love. 

To make the occasion even more morbid, we paired the wine with some freshly shucked oysters. The champagne went well with lighter bodied oysters from the Pacific Ocean, but was overwhelmed by the briny and metallic French mollusks.  As the saying goes, if the world was your oyster, the only end of the world for now, were of these poor dozen of oysters.

It was a great feeling to free oneself, and one’s cellar space, from possessions that we have been holding onto.   Don’t hang on to your wine! It’s time to celebrate humanity and beautiful wines with your loved ones.  You can always discover new wines later.  It’s highly probable that the Mayan Calendar was misinterpreted anyways, but it sure is a great excuse to drink up.

Salon le Mesnil 1997, Champagne, France

12% alc vol., $2450 Major Cellar

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